TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor, Newspapers, and Magazines – Sound confusing? It can be. There are many ways to showcase your brand in the media, but having the Trellis experts on your side makes this stressful process a breeze. We offer carefully thought out and crafted plans that make sense for YOU. With the combination of an effective media plan and on-point creative, we deliver the whole package with measurable results.

At Trellis, we get you “more bang for your buck”. Our media department will work with you to create
the most robust, comprehensive media plan that money can buy.



With our president’s 25 years as a media insider AND as one of the top media spenders in WNY – we have serious leverage in regards to media rates. This step of the process consists of negotiating & coordinating with the agreed upon media vendors to place your order. Interested in seeing if you can get more for your budget? Let’s compare notes – we’ll even do a free media analysis so that you can see if you’re getting the most for your budget.

How much money can we save you on your media?

Media Placement

Media placement, as its name implies, means the method of placing your message in the media: TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, internet advertisements, and so on. Effective media plans don’t happen by accident.
All media orders are carefully placed and double checked to ensure that your schedules run with no issues.



Once underway, we monitor your campaign and make any adjustments to your schedule if necessary. We make it our priority to be experts in keeping track of the campaign results and evaluate how your plan and strategy is working.